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Introduced in 2000, CharacTell's flagship product, SoftWriting, is based on its proven technology for handwriting recognition. SoftWriting enables you to convert non-connected handwritten text into a computer file, such as a Word document. SoftWriting is the only product of its kind available on the market. The system is used by anyone wishing to transfer handwritten material or notes to a computer text file without having to retype it, saving both time and effort.

SoftWriting is very simple to use and requires no prior training. A four-minute demo is all that is required to get you going. The user first scans the handwritten document with the aid of a standard scanner. SoftWriting then processes the document, converting it into electronic format. Words that have not been recognized appear automatically on screen, beneath the scanned, original document. The user then corrects these words by manually entering the unrecognized characters. The corrected document can be saved as a text or MS Word file.

SoftWriting Key Features:

  • Non-connected handwriting
  • Use abbreviations
  • Add diagrams
  • Save in text & MS Word format
  • Use any scanner
  • Easy editing
  • Easy to learn & user friendly
  • Speed

    Non-connected handwriting: SoftWriting can recognize almost every handwriting, as long as the characters are not connected to each other. Every person's handwriting is unique. SoftWriting requires only a brief learning period to learn and remember a new user's handwriting. In addition, SoftWriting goes the additional step, learning each user's vocabulary as well, ensuring optimal recognition by all means.

    Use abbreviations: SoftWriting enables users to 'teach' the system abbreviations, which are automatically translated by the system. Thus for example, defining 'ex' as 'example' enables the user to write using shorthand writing, with the confidence that the system will recognize the abbreviation and translate it correctly.

    Add diagrams: Occasionally, handwritten documents also include sketches and diagrams. By 'coloring' the area of the diagram, the user enables SoftWriting to easily insert the diagrams into the correct area in the computer document.

    Save in text & MS Word format: The final document can be saved as a text document, or in MS Word file format.

    Use any scanner: In order to scan the handwritten document, any scanner can be used, as long as the scanner is TWAIN-compatible, and that it can create gray or color images.

    Easy editing: The portions of text that have not been recognized appear in the same page as the translated document. The user can then easily compare the original to the results, and correct any errors or unrecognized characters on the fly.

    Easy to learn & user friendly: The system is easy to learn and simple to use. A four-minute demo is all that is required to get you going.

    Speed: Shortly after having scanned your handwritten notes, SoftWriting displays the translated text for your approval and editing.